Celuro is derived from the Latin word "Celeritas" for "Speed".

Speed and Rapid Response are critical to the success of supply chains across all industries today. From High Tech to Chemical to Defense and CPG industries, rapid changes are occurring due to various factors such as global demand increase, technology innovations and increased outsourcing.

Supply chains are transitioning rapidly as a result and the ability to respond quickly to these changes is critical to the success of every supply chain player from raw material producers to manufacturers to distributors and retailers.


Celuro‚Äôs goal is to help companies successfully transition their supply chain processes to next generation, world-class processes that can drive efficiencies across the supply chain with the use of powerful technologies such as SAP. 

Here are a few areas we can help you in:
  • Developing state of the art supply chain process and IT strategies to make your supply chain more demand driven, agile and responsive
  • Designing best practice processes such as S&OP together with enabling SAP technologies
  • Conducting Quality assessment of implemented SAP solutions to provide recommendations that maximize business adoption and business benefits
  • Implementing Fast Track SAP Supply Chain projects